Yes, it’s 100% Colombian . . . But is it Supremo?

Yes, it’s 100% Colombian . . . But is it Supremo?


Who has not seen countless newspapers, magazines and TV advertisements proclaiming “100% Colombian means fine coffee”.
In addition, most people also know the logo.
But what exactly does “100% Colombian” mean?
Well, all this highly valuable marketing is based on at least one truth: Colombia produces some of the best coffee in the world. Interestingly, however, Colombia is the second largest coffee bean producer, though leader in the cultivation of fine Arabica coffee (gourmet quality).
Arabica coffee plantations produce the best coffee flavor (as opposed to their Robusta cousin). This type of coffee prefers high altitude and cooler climate, which results in a much slower coffee grain cycle. This late maturation makes it possible to intensify the aroma of cherry coffee, producing a bean with a more developed . . . How might you say . . . “personality.”

From Supremo Beans to Pasilla Beans – There’s a Difference
Although there are many versions of coffee origin in Colombia, it is generally believed that Jesuit missionaries brought Arabica trees to the Orinoco region of Colombia at the beginning of 1800. Today, coffee growing in Colombia is very extensive, a typical Colombian coffee plantation is less than 8 hectares and family-operated.
The best of Colombian coffee is the Supremo. This coffee is a medium and sweet taste with an excellent flavor and a delicious aroma. The supremo name comes from the grain size. The bean top is slightly larger than the smaller Excelso, Extra and Pasilla beans.
Personally, I prefer to pay a few extra pounds per pound for good gourmet coffee from the Colombian Supremo because it is definitely better than grainy brown stuff that comes in supermarket boxes. The fact that gourmet coffee and lower tin coffee technically “100% Colombian” means that marketing lines – “100% Colombian mean fine coffee” – not necessarily a comparison of gastronomic quality and gastronomic quality.

Always Premium Quality – Never Less
I’ll say that Colombian Supremo coffee is the best Colombian coffee I’ve ever tasted. The beans are great and the baking is always perfect. The coffee had a lot of personality and body with a subtle sweetness.
For our specialty Gourmet All Day Gourmet we start with 100% top quality Arabica beans, only the best. Then we bake them to the perfection to enjoy a cup of coffee always extraordinary.
Yes, our All Day Gourmet Coffee is famous for its rich and delicious aromas, well-balanced tastes and a sweet and satisfying taste cup after a cup. So good, you can drink them all day.