Production and Markets of Hawaiian Kona Coffee

Production and Markets of Hawaiian Kona Coffee

Production and Markets of Hawaiian Kona Coffee
Kona Coffee, with its unique and rich flavor, is highly valued and sold all over the world. It is been ranked by coffee customers as one of the top three coffees. The total annual production of Kona varies from year to year, depending on weather conditions. However, on average, about 3,000,000 pounds of green beans are prepared for roasting to produce about 15,000,000 pounds of cherries (about 18-20 percent by weight). Roasting further reduces weight by 20% (e.g., 100 kilograms of green beans produces 80 kilograms of roasted coffee).
Kona’s coffee production represents less than 1% of world coffee production. However, due to its unique body and soft taste, it is one of the most desirable coffee in the world! It is a favorite in Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan, as well as on the mainland, in the United States. We hope you enjoy our 100% Kona coffee as well.

Other Health Benefits of Kona Coffee.

Coffee for Exercise Performance

There is significant evidence that caffeine in coffee increases the athletic performance. For example, in 1992, a team of scientists from the Department of Sports Sciences at Christ Church College in Canterbury showed that coffee was given to mid-range athletes to slow down the time it took to travel 1500 meters and increase the speed at which they could go to the sprint at the end of the minute. 2006 Canadian research and defense physicists have shown that caffeine improves exhaustion time, increases heart rate and increases oxygen consumption during exercise.

Coffee for Eyelid Twitch

Eyelid Contraction? Drink coffee! An Italian study suggests that drinking coffee can protect people from the development of seizures in which the eyelid contraction is unacceptable. People with this disease, called late-onset blepharospasm, have a neurological disorder involving involuntary muscle contraction. The disease usually affects people between 40s and 50s. The well-known writer cramp and musician’s cramp are the same type of disorder. Coffee caffeine acts on brain receptors and limits the spread of diseases in other parts of the body. (Times of India, Health Factor, 8/07)
Fertility Coffee

Several studies have examined whether coffee consumption negatively affects the ability of women’s fertility, generally concluding that it has no role in slowing conception. A massive survey of 11,000 women published in the 1991 Journal of Epidemiology investigated the correlation between the number of months to conception and smoking and drinking coffee with representative results. It is concluded that there is no connection between delayed conception and coffee consumption. In fact, there are indications that coffee can have a positive effect. A study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that women who drink more coffee have increased fertility. Another good reason to drink 100% Kona coffee and enjoy!