Hawaiian Kona Coffee Blend Pack #2


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Hawaiian Kona Coffee Blend. Full and rich Kona flavor grown on the Hawaiian island. Hawaiian Kona Coffee is a delicious and fully rich coffee with a sweet flavor. A delicious taste that is low in acid with odor and rich flavor, complex rich and winy taste. Medium roast, Roasted when your orders are placed. Shade grown

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Hawaiian Kona coffee is a coffee that is made up of smaller grains than other types of gourmet coffee, and it has a rich flavor. Our gourmet Kona blend has the riches and most flavorful beans all carefully hand picked, sun dried and carefully dried.

Grown on the volcanic slopes of Hawaii’s largest island, Our Hawaii Kona is one of the best coffee on the market and the only beans that are grown in the US. Just a real Kona bean growing in the Kona Hawaii region, it can be called such as it is strictly classified and regulated by law. With only 1,500 hectares dedicated to growing Kona, it is one of the oldest and most sought after coffee available today. Thanks to the unique climatic conditions in the region, this coffee has a silky smooth and body with a very sweet aroma with notes of cranberries and chocolates.

Kona Coast is rich in volcanic soils, most sunny weather in the morning and clouds covered in the afternoon. For years, Hawaiian Kona coffee makers have recognized this area through the islands as a precondition for perfect growth for gourmet coffee. It is located on Hawaii’s Kona Coast in an ideal 1500 to 2000 feet above sea level. Thus, a mild taste is obtained which is low in the fatty acids due to the mild climate throughout the year and sun protection in the hot afternoon. The Kona district is to coffee same way Napa Valley is to wine.

The Hawaiian Kona trees are protected from the strong winds and the overwhelming sun by two volcanoes, Mauna Loa volcano and the extinct Mauna Kea volcano. The soil consists of well-packed volcanic lava pieces. The mild climate allows continuous rain, mild sunshine and cool mist that come from the sea every afternoon. The volcanic land drains water more efficiently than other soils supplying the coffee but are not excessively soaking them.
These unique growing conditions not only give to the rich taste of this beautiful gourmet coffee but also for reasons that can not be explained by the knowledge, it keeps the Hawaiian Kona coffee safe and disease free. Another advantage is that the yield per hectare is much higher than in other coffee production regions. Although the amount of land dedicated to coffee production is low, yield per hectare is three to four times higher than the amount of coffee produced in a coffee farm in Latin America.
Coffee trees usually bloom in the dry winter of Kona and are harvested in the fall. Coffee that is grown in the North and South Kona districts of Big Island of Hawaii is the only coffee that can be called Kona’s coffee. Produced in family farms since the turn of the century, Kona Coffee has been selected and sorted according to their taste and unique quality.


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