Guatemala Medium Dark Roast Coffee


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16 oz (453 gm) Guatemala Medium Dark Roast Coffee. Our Guatemala Medium Dark Roast Coffee is s produced from pure beans from Guatemala

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Our Guatemala Medium Dark Roast Coffee comes in a 16 oz (453 gm) bag. This Guatemala Medium Dark Roast Coffee is made from pure beans from Guatemala. It is roasted in small batches to preserve its freshness.

Guatemala Medium Dark Roast Coffee:

Our Guatemalian coffee is both low acidity and mellow favor. As a result, it is a favorite choice of coffee lovers everywhere. Most noteworthy, our coffee has a heavier body when compared to our lighter or medium roast coffees. It is a whole bean, medium-dark roast.

Superior Quality:

Our coffee contains the best roasted beans around. In addition, we hand pack and seal every bag of our Guatemala Medium Dark Roast. As a result, this helps to protect its freshness and rich coffee taste.

Coffee Lovers’ Choice:

Discover the perfect balance between body and acidity. You will love our Guatemala Medium Dark Roast Coffee after you brew your first cup. Coffee drinkers prefer this particular blend of coffee for this reason.

Comparable to:

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