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Colombian Supremo Coffee. By far one of the most favored choices around the world. Many brands are trying hard to compete with this sort of coffee blend, Yet none of them comes close to the supreme quality of this fresh roasted Colombian Supremo coffee bean.

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JaHazz Products – Colombian Supremo Coffee

Colombia is known to be the second largest producer of coffee in the world and the largest producer of washed and Arabica coffee. They are well known for their high quality coffee and exports approximately 12.5 million bags and internal consumption is about 2 million bags annually. There are many coffee producing regions in the country. Colombia is proficient in producing an abundance of truly delicious and sought after coffee. One such coffee is our Colombian Supremo Coffee.

This particular type is Supremo; this word is a coffee grading term in Colombia. Supremo coffee beans are slightly larger than Excelso beans. Supremo beans are a screen size of 17 and 18. This type is the largest bean size grading for Colombian coffee. It is possible that Supremo and Excelso coffee beans are harvested from the same tree, but they are sorted by their sizes. The Supremo grade represents the highest possible; the small, less dense beans and Peaberries must have already been removed. Veterans are always on the lookout for good solid coffee and not those with some kind of odd flavor. For such people, a good Colombian Supremo is just the perfect selection.

Supremo just means bean size. What this means is that the coffee could be harvested from different farms then they get screened for size. This is the largest bean size Colombia puts out. For the fact that all the bean size of the Columbian Supremo is the same, this makes them roast evenly. The amazing thing about this coffee brand is that you can describe it as the perfect coffee flavor. It is clean, has no unusual flavor and it leaves no form of aftertaste.

The Columbian Supremo is not just a nice coffee, but it is simply unique from other brand. As a coffee marketer with the aim of giving your customers the best kind of coffee possible, then Colombian Supremo is definitely the choice for you.

Producers of top quality coffees have come to understand the necessity of having to produce decaffeinated coffee because of the growing health consciousness of the people. The taste of decaffeinated coffee can be a little different when compared with regular roast coffee, but the Colombian Supremo Coffee flavored decaf is known to have a very wonderful taste.

Flavored Goodness

If you are among those whose really loves the smell of fresh coffee every morning and cannot wait to savor the taste it, you surely will enjoy the pleasure of the flavored goodness of our Colombian Supremo Coffee.

This is by far one of the most favored choices around the world and many brands are trying hard to compete with this sort of blend, yet none of them comes close to the supreme quality of a fresh roasted Colombian Supremo bean.

These large beans create a medium bodied and sweet tasting coffee with a rich flavor and aroma. Whether you are new or an old timer in search of the perfect coffee to satisfy your coffee craving, the Colombian Supremo Coffee by JaHazz Products is surely the best choice for you!

Product Description

Colombian Supremo Coffee is grown in Colombian Andes and is known for its sweet and pleasant acidity, non-alcoholic finishes, rich tones of nuts and rich medium to full body. From the Colombia’s Supremo Andean farm and is organic and shade grown. Colombian is the second-largest coffee maker in the world and is known for its regular production of refined gourmet coffee.

Colombian Supremo Coffee

Loved by many people all over the world, Colombian Supremo coffee has the perfect balance of sweetness, acidity and the clean smell. It has all the features of your favorite cup of gourmet coffee, but at the same time, it is overwhelming. This Colombian Supremo Andeano Estate Coffee is organically and shade grown.

Colombia Supremo coffee – the Perfect Start to a new day

Nothing beats the scent of freshly brewed coffee on a beautiful day or even on the weekend in the morning. It gives a blow to your day no other drink can measure. So if you are struggling to choose the type of coffee you should get, why not try the sophisticated classic that everyone loves? Undoubtedly, the Colombian Supremo vending machine for the JaHazz products Cafe is the best that exists. It’s a real pleasure from a crowd and a favorite fan. When you have more guest, no matter what type of coffee you like, you probably would not miss the chance to have a cup of coffee, munching a delicious cookie or having a lavish dinner after a meal.

Unique Features of Colombian Supreme Coffee

As for coffee, Colombian coffee earns great hands. Absolutely a delicious coffee beans Products that highlight Colombia on the map. If the tempting smell when you buy Colombian coffee will not win you over, the surprisingly rich and strong taste certainly will. It has the right amount of acidity that combined with a unique nutty aroma and (never overwhelmingly sweet) perfectly sweet taste is a winning combination, and people from all walks of life came to appreciate and love it. If you like coffee over the day or night, Colombian coffee is the best option.
To prove this fantastic coffee lives up to its name, people are trying all the different types of coffee they are asked to associate with. Most of them chose Colombian coffee, which only shows that when it comes to producing high-quality coffee, nothing beats Colombian. Of course, they know that when it comes to coffee production, the balance is always the key to a pleasant drink. In your first siphon, you will immediately notice that there is nothing in particular to dominate other features of the coffee. And besides, there is no horrible aftertaste that leaves your mouth always wanting a glass of water after drinking a cup of coffee.

A Brief History of Colombian Supremo Coffee

So, who do we have to thank for Joe’s gourmet quality drinks we get for drinks, if not every day, and then once a week? The Jesuits are, of course! Unless you like coffee as much as I like it, you may not know that the Jesuits are primarily responsible for the now-famous Colombian coffee. Jesuit missionaries brought Arabian trees to the mountains of Colombia, and as we all know, those who produce gourmet Arabian coffee are a very important part of the morning routines of millions of people around the world. Robust trees, on the other hand, are coffee trees that produce lower quality coffee beans that will certainly stimulate but have no tasty aroma and taste of the body of most Arabic coffee beans. The Colombian Supremo Coffee is made of 100% Arab best.
Arabica trees prefer higher altitudes and low temperatures as opposed to their relatives, Robusta coffee plants. The result is, of course, full of coffee flavors that the Colombians are very proud of. The Coffee beans, almost as the finest wines there, goes through a slow maturation cycle which resulted in coffee not lacking in flavor or personality.


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