The Power Of Kona Coffee

The Power of Kona Coffee: Why is Kona coffee so special?

What is so special about the power of Kona coffee? Is it the taste? Or is it something else? Kona coffee is grown in the Northern Kona and Southern Kona districts of Big Island of Hawaii, mainly grown on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa, two inactive volcanoes, grown between 700 feet and 3000 feet high. Dark and rich volcanic soil, mild climate, morning sun and afternoon showers are an excellent setting for coffee. So far, so good, but this is just the beginning…

Kona Coffee is from tree to cup! Kona coffee comes from the Arabica coffee tree family. The coffee process actually starts with “Kona Snow”. “Kona Snow” is the flowering of coffee trees, usually from January to March every year. Each flower will eventually turn into cherry coffee. The harvesting season starts in July and ends in February, and October, November and December most busiest with most of the cherry been produced. Kona coffee is manually cleansed when the cherry tree is dark red, meaning that the beans have grown completely. Once collected, the coffee has to be processed within 24 hours because the high content of sugar in the fruit begins to ferment, which can destroy the coffee. The process takes a lot of time and, like any beautiful art, cannot be hurried.

In that way, to answer the question “Why is Kona coffee so special?” This is special because Kona coffee represents less than 1% of the total coffee grown in the world. It grows on exotic and volcanic soil, is palatable, and once the crop is gone it is gone for the seasons. Kona coffee is a favorite among many coffee lovers because of its full flavor and low acidity.

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