Colombian Supremo Coffee

With the number of people who love it around the world, it’s no wonder Colombian Supremo Coffee is so popular. Colombian Supremo Coffee has the perfect balance of sweetness, acidity and strong eccentric flavor. It has all the features of its favorite cup of gourmet coffee. However it is not overpowering at the same time. This Colombian Supremo Coffee from Andania highland was organically grown and shaded.

Colombian Premium Coffee – Made Perfect by Geographical Adaptation

Colombia is a paradise for coffee lovers to enjoy beautiful weather throughout the year. That is why Colombia is considered one of the world’s largest coffee makers. Stable and beautiful climate – thanks to the abundant volcanic mountains of Colombia which is responsible for the Colombian reputation for coffee production.

The process of Colombian Supremo Coffee

The products of the Arabica tree is packed in the bags immediately after harvest and then sent to the depulping machine. After that, the coffee is fermented to enhance its very different characteristics. After 24 hours the coffee beans are rinsed with water to remove dirt. This is the stage that separates Brazilian coffee from authentic Colombian coffee. Then the coffee beans are dried under the sun. Through the night or rainy days, the beans are covered to ensure that it retains its characteristic smell and taste of the original Colombian Supremo Coffee

How to be sure you have the Authentic Colombian Supremo Coffee

The excellent Colombian coffee is very different. It is one of the cleanest coffee beans in the Arabica family. If you want to make sure you are buying 100% Colombian clean coffee, first check your color. It should be a beautiful color of cinnamon and the size of beans is relatively bigger than their peers. Then you should take a scent- does it have an irritating but refreshing scent? If it is not narcotic and does not show the nuance of a nutty aroma, then you may be paying for the lower coffee. Hence, make sure you buy from a reputable brand and do not fall for commercial businesses that would sell supposedly authentic Colombian coffee, but at a very affordable price.

The Difference Between Colombian Supremo Coffee and “Columbian” Coffee

Colombian Supremo CoffeeMany people mix Colombian coffee as “Columbian Coffee.” If you are purists, you certainly do not agree that these two are the same. Many coffee shops around the world have advice on menus that claim to sell Colombian, but replace “o” with “u”. The thing is that they probably meant selling real Columbian coffee; they did not seem to know the exact spelling. Just to know: “Columbia” is a very beautiful city in the state of South Carolina in the United States. So the next time you go to the cafe and see that they want you to buy Columbian coffee, do not despise it or throw it away. Probably it is the real McCoy. It just happens to have got the spelling of the word wrong.

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