Colombian Gourmet Coffee

Colombian gourmet coffee: consistent quality, with a few pleasant surprises

Colombian gourmet coffee is one of the world’s most famous coffee names. It is partially ubiquitous Juan Valdez and his burro.
Juan Valdez is the creation of a Colombian Coffee House. It is a national organization that has promoted Colombian coffee for decades. Created in 1927, the Colombian Cabbage Union acts as a buyer, commercialist, technical advisor and banker of 560,000 Colombian coffee makers.
The result is almost a century of organization and marketing? Apart from the Colombian coffee name in North America, cultivating and processing a well-defined range of coffee beans.

Your first Colombian gourmet coffee: Colombiano Supremo

Colombiano Supremo which is a great coffee choice with all the attributes you expect and expect. Supremo is the most popular coffee “gourmet unique origin” in the world. In the words of coffee expert Kenneth Davids, “this coffee is medium and sweet and a tasting with an excellent taste and a delicious aroma. The supremo name comes from the grain size. Supremo beans are slightly better than Excelso, Extra and Pasilla beans.

The good thing for Supremo is that it can be found almost anywhere and has a very good price compared to other high-quality grains.
However, Supremo is not the only Colombian gourmet cafe worth trying …

It’s fun to think Colombian gourmet coffee is good but not exceptional.

It is a bit unfair and can prevent real enthusiasts from discovering real jewelery from Colombia, such as Pitalito Estate of El Roasterie, Terroir’s La Esperanza, Inca Cauca from Inca Café and Don Francisco Supremo. You may find these and other specialties hard to find. But while watching, you can rest easy knowing that your supremo beans will always give you very beautiful and excellent cup of coffee.


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