Colombian Coffee – The Best Recommended Coffee

Colombian coffee is the best recommended coffee and is still considered one of the most popular types of coffee in the world. Its origin dates back to the early 1800s when Arabica coffee plantations started. Although coffee originates from Africa, it has been perfected in other parts of the world, and Colombia is the second largest coffee maker in the world after Brazil. 12% of the total coffee produced in the world is from Colombian.

Colombians pride themselves of producing the highest quality coffee by growing it in high altitudes and cooler climate which slows the maturation cycle and giving it a distinctive flavor, on small holdings and carefully picking then wet processing.

Although there are many types of coffee, we will dwell on 5 below;

  • Java Planet – Colombian USDA Organic Coffee Beans
  • Colombian Supremo coffee
  • Koffee Kult – Medium Roast Coffee Beans
  • Melitta Coffee, Colombian Supreme Ground
  • Sello Rojo Roast & Ground Coffee (Brick Medium Roast

The uniqueness of Colombian coffee

The journey of coffee takes about 6 years in nurseries and coffee plantations to reach maturity.

After that, the processing is done at a place where Colombian coffee has to be washed and unlike other areas coffee gives it a distinct taste and smell.

Another reason is to highlight the high-quality control standards it has established and followed by the National Federation of Coffee Growers in Columbia. There is a critical quality to review before it hits the market.

To have this perfect cup of coffee, the beans must be of high quality. Colombia produces more Arabica coffee for their quality and a little bit of Robusta.

Important coffee attributes to know if you want good quality coffee.

Avid coffee consumers can know the difference in the coffee they take, which is the result of the place of origin, production methods, harvesting procedures and post-harvest process

We can evaluate the quality in accordance with the following characteristics.

Aroma: The characteristic of a well-roasted aroma is so different that some people believe they do not have to taste them, and the smell is enough.

Flavor: An avid coffee drinker can describe coffee as what one drinks and explodes in the mouth and then stays on the palate for a while after an expert know that it can be gentle, sweet, fruity, earthy and acid to be considered the best.

Acidity: It is one of the most sought-after attributes that relate to the annual temperature and altitude in which the coffee is grown and exposed. This refers to the light and spicy spark that you feel when the coffee is in your mouth.

Body: This is a subtle effect, you must be very interested in to identify. The body is a long-lasting effect that stays in the mouth and the way it moves into the throat. It can also be identified as sweetness. Good coffee is often well balanced.

Bitterness: This is a characteristic of coffee produced through the chemical composition.

Overall impression According to the previous characteristics, coffee is considered to be the highest quality world market of its origin.

Keep in mind that concentration in the production chain, distribution chain, moist processing and perfect preparation of Colombian coffee differs among others.

The final results of your coffee in a cup and finally in your mouth depend on several factors.

Quality Colombian coffee is happily at the heart of its drinkers all over the world so you can get the best quality you need.