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Best Colombia Supremo Coffee Found anywhere

The Best Colombia Supremo Coffee is world class coffee that is perfectly designed. In one of the most famous breeding areas of Colombia, supremo coffee is grown on soils rich in the central range mountain (Cordillera Central). This mountain range also carries the sixth highest mountain in Colombia, Nevado del Huila. It is also the recently active volcano 17,568 in central Cordillera.

Colombian supremo coffee grows between 1500 and 1900 meters above sea, in rich volcanic soils and perfect microclimate in coffee with abundant fire. Wash the beans only with the right amount of mild sun. The beans grow slowly and develop rich, bright, intense and balanced flavors. If you look carefully at the green beans, you will see certain high grown gnarliness to them. Many central lines are tense and slightly twisted. In light baking, you will see “character trails” outside the beans, this beans grew slowly, dense and rich (think of oak tree against balsa wood and the difference in density between these), growing rich balanced flavors you cannot get anywhere. If you know the term “slow food”, it is a “slow coffee”, made manually, made in the old, taking the time it is needed to be perfect.

Taste Notes:

Bright, rich and balanced alcoholics, with dark chocolate, sweet cherries and brilliant citrus, a very good body. Totally satisfying in itself, that the coffee is also excellent as a base mix, adds richness and connects darker coffee like Brazil, centers, smoked cafes such as Sumatras can easily tame wilder coffee like Kenyans and Ethiopians, in the perfect blend of the “victorious world.”

Roasting Notes:

Light baking (right after the first complete cracking), dark chocolate/tart cherry/citrus glass, lively, deeply satisfying, is still good after being ingested by a brilliant classic best of the Colombian Cup. Medium baking (about half the first and second cracks) has tart/citrus to sweet caramel. Roasts darker (we see the point to go further than at the edge of the second crack) will become a candy/burnt caramel/dark cocoa (I mean oreo and dark cocoa cookie).

If you were stuck on the island, would have chosen Colombian supremo as a coffee for taking.

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