5 Tips for Good Coffee

What Makes Good Coffee?

“Good Coffee does not just awaken you, but it also provides unexpected benefits of health,” – Dr. Oz said, but how to get the most health benefit from this coffee in the morning and what makes a good coffee.

You have to learn how:

Five Tips for Making Good Coffee

  1. Coffee must be properly prepared. Remember that making coffee is subjective, not science, but a form of art.
    For the best tasting results, saturate the beans immediately before baking. Coarse grinding on the percolator is recommended for the filter-drip preparation method, which most Americans use at home.
    Always use a clean coffee maker. Make sure there are no residues from the previous use, as the coffee is moist and can leave a “suppressive” taste.
    Use cold or filtered water. Do not start with hot or warm water. Tap water is fine, but remember that coffee is 98% water, so good tasting, pure water gives a good tasting of coffee.
    On average, use two spoons for each cup of water. For an average manufacturer of 10 cups (60 ounces), use about 3 ounces of ground coffee (about 1/3 cup). Adjust to your taste.
    Immediately remove some of the soil used to avoid bitterness.
    Serve coffee immediately. If the coffee has to stand upright before serving, firmly hold it under vacuum to preserve the taste.
  2. Never overheat or cook coffee, if this can be avoided, we know the desperate moments!
  3. Try low-acidity coffee to get the most complete coffee supply for your health
  4. Avoid or use less sugar or cream (skimmed milk is a better choice, brown sugar is a better choice)
  5. Coffee should be stored as a whole bean in a hermetic container away from heat and light at room temperature. We recommend in stainless steel or ceramic pots. For a short time, you can store coffee in a freezer, but be careful to try what is in a freezer, a harbor, etc.?

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