100% Kona Coffee Is the Best Tropical Coffee

100% Kona Coffee Is the Best Tropical Coffee


Kona Coffee is gourmet coffee grown in the northern and southern Kona region, on the island of Hawaii. Located on the golden coast of Kona, there are only a few Kona coffee farms.
Kama’aina (local) families have the majority of local coffee farms and have them for generations already. There is a difference in the quality of beans between the coffee farms. We try to feel the taste and get the best crops of local farmers to ensure that you get the best cup of coffee possible.
The coffee plant was built in the district of Kona on 1828 by Samuel Ruggles on the Brazilian terrains, then the English merchant Henry Nicholas moved to that area and established Pure Kona as a recognized brand later in the nineteenth century. The former trade and Living Farm history have become museums.
Elsewhere on the islands, it was grown in large plantations, but the collapse of the global market in 1899 spurred farmers to lease land for their workers. Most of Japan came to work on sugar cane plantations. They worked their rented pitches between 5 and 12 hectares (49,000 m2) as families, producing high-quality crops.
The tradition of family farms continued through Kona. Japanese families joined the Filipinos, continental Americans, and Europeans. There are about 800 farms with an average size of less than 5 hectares (20,000 m2). In 1997, the total area was 2,290 hectares (9 km2) and production of Pure Kona, just over two million pounds.

The Best Kinds Of 100% Kona Coffee Beans Online
100% Kona Coffee is classified according to the law according to the seed. Kona type 1 consists of two parchment seeds, a flat on one side, oval on the other side. Type II Kona consists of round beans in these cherries, also known as cranberries. The additional classification of these two types of Kona depends on the size, the moisture content and the purity of the grain. The final scores are “Extra Fancy”, “Fancy”, “1st”, “Select” and “Kona Prime”. The rows of Kona II are ‘Peaberry’ first and ‘Prime’. In addition, a lower class called “3er” (or “Triple X”) cannot be legally labeled “Kona” but “Hawaiian”. This is not an official classification, but usually used by farmers in Kona region. This is a category of state in which different qualities do not dissociate from one another. Only “number 3” and “off-grade” are sorted out.
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